Alpes    Grenoble   Assistance    Relocation

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Alpes Grenoble Assistance Relocation


AGAR Aisha Morelli

You are coming to live in Grenoble and you need to find accommodation and settle you family at best conditions.

You need to be efficient in administrative procedures you will encounter.
We can handle this for you.

What we offer is assisting you in administrative procedures, integration, housing, culture and leisure.
We will study your situation and we will decide with you what fits you best: packaged or personalized offer.
We will present you to the various professionals we work with, giving French courses according to your level, as well as assisting you in the different steps of your settlement.

Of course, being in a new environment is not only a matter of administrative procedure. It is also a means to discover our most traditional or unusual gastronomy and tourism.