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France has, like all countries, laws and administrative procedures of its own, with which you are unfamiliar.

The Integration Pack is for you. AGAR your relocation company, offers to perform all administrative tasks for you, assistance with high mobility, allowing you to devote more time to your work and makes you more available to your family.

We can help you when you arrive in Grenoble, decode all the paperwork you have to fill and guide you in all administrative steps you have to perform.

AGAR, according to your company or laboratory, can accompany you in the prefecture for your documents.

You will need the services of a local bank, we direct you to a regular structure to work with an audience of expatriates and accepting international transactions.

Our dedicated partners can help you in your installation in Grenoble, do not hesitate to send us your needs and wishes.

AGAR team brings you serenity and some human contact.